Who is antwaun cook dating

17-Sep-2017 11:57

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But once folks on her Instagram asked if the dude was Fantasia's baby daddy Antwaun Cook (since it very much looks like him), the pic was mysteriously deleted.

And Kendra also deleted the link from her Twitter account.

Our source added that Antwaun revealed to his own friends that he and Kendra ARE dating and have been together about 3 months.

And Ant has had some suspicious social media behavior of his own. With your fame you have way better pickings...a married manager of a TMOBILE store!? You couldn't follow in Monica's or Keyshia Cole's foot steps? The effen TMOBILE guy THIS IS THE DOWNFALL FOR SOME BLACK WOMEN!!!! BLACK WOMEN continued TO LET THESE MEN RUN ALL OVER THEM, HE GET'S TO HAVE HIS CAKE AND EAT IT TO!!!

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Barrino and Cook had an 11 month relationship, during which Barrino believed Cook was legally separated from his wife.

Antwaun Cook -- the married man who was (and still might be) dating Fantasia Barrino -- collected a bunch of his belongings from his family home in North Carolina ... READ MORE Fantasia Barrino was spotted outside her North Carolina home yesterday -- alongside the married man who she allegedly had an "adulterous affair" with ...

hear that former "Bad Girls Club" star, Kendra James, is his newest boo thang.

Why go through all of that behind a simple question Kendra?

The reality chick also posted a second pic with two other gentleman, whom a source identified as Antwaun's fraternity brothers.When news that Cook was still married came out, Barrino attempted suicide by overdosing on aspirin and sleeping pills.