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28-Sep-2017 11:43

Text messages and emails are the modern means of sending love letters, and your spouse may have kept them on their phone for ongoing enjoyment. Try calling the other number when your spouse is home and see how they react. Youngest had to see Daddy pour hot coffee on Mommy after many other incidents…. Husband realized it was MY brother, stopped whipsering..stumbled over his words,said.. There are couples that brag about cheating each other.

If you happen to find an extra SIM card, stick it in a phone and see what phone numbers are stored on it. Check your spouse’s computer for any incriminating email messages. I am scared to lose kids, be alone, there is no way I should still be with him. Ppl that know him, say he is a flirt, always has been…always will be. All she needed to see was a few things and after this year of hell, for me and kids. Nor let me see Pay Pal creditcard statemeny, oe the other 3 cards maxed out while paying for all.those sites, trademark emails, u name it. If those people know they’ll be cheating, why do they get married in the first place? Before you confront your spouse and accuse them of cheating you need to make sure you have some solid proof.

You are assuming that the suspicious spouse is a female. I have been through so much with struggling with HOW do I leave, where to go. If I was that suspicious, I would hire an attorney and have them subpoena the records.

Don’t forget that recent polls show 12% of men have cheated in the past year while 7% of women cheated. Either way I agree, without trust what is there in the relationship? Do you have any advice for anyone that’s going through the avanlace, tornado, hurricane of hurtful betrayals? I mean, when you read your message out loud, you don’t think it makes you sound possesive, paranoid or just plain crazy???? That way I can be sure I have as much as I’m going to get, legally.

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It’s about the emotional infidelity that is occurring.What happened to cause a loss of trust in the relationship? But keep in mind there are many relationships that begin with great trust and countines like that for years. Don’t you have any sense of privacy or respect for your spouse? And it’s not a question of whether you are doing something wrong or not, it’s a question of boundaries that every relationship must have! And there are definite consequences if s/he is holding back.So when this changes, and you have so much invested in the relationship, it’s easier said that done to just walk away. All yall talkin about no trust are probably cheating. Did you let him know you had the GPS, and that you had also installed it on YOUR phone so he could find YOU wherever you went? I guarantee there are a lot of people out there who can hack an individual phone.All this fuss because it is the other person’s fault. If you think there is cheating going on you might be your own worst enemy.

I had a spouse who constantly accused me of cheating when if fact it never happened.I got fed up and left with all the being checked up on and being spied on and told I was lying when I couldn’t have been more faithful. Maybe if all that business is going on your life you might realize you are in the wrong relationship or maybe if you are the cheater you shouldn’t be in a relationship until you are grown up enough to develop some mature coping skills. Is it still wrong to check the email and phone when evidence of infidelity falls into your lap.