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31-Aug-2017 17:03

This one makes it worth it because he is directly behind them, and he might not even know them and is still doing this, so yes, it is a great picture. You would think that it wasn’t staged, but it might be, regardless – it is still pretty funny.We can all have a laugh or two and just pretend like it was something that was not planned all along, since the one in the background seems to be enjoying himself.This is what made our vacation that much more special than it was.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

When she is caught, I bet she covered her face but what about just shutting the door the next time you decide to go pee, and maybe someone not whipping out a camera.

Because giraffes are unpredictable, you never know when they are going to pop right into a picture and make it even better. He wanted to show these girls what a real photobomb looks like when he sneaks his head in this picture.

He is wearing pretty much nothing while walking along the shore, in the background of our beautiful family photo.

Yet another butt photobomb summer picture because nothing says photobomb better than another white butt.It is always a good thing when the person doesn’t know until after it is done. Who would have thought that this person would be here at this time when someone is jumping out of the way of the giant shark, the kids are running to safety and she is like yup, take a picture of me. This seagull definitely knew what he wanted when he scooped down and grabbed this guys hat. That is what this bird got out of having a new hat. Is he waving at the vikings or is he just chilling in the water, knowing the picture is being taken.

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